Department of Social Monitoring and Methodology

In the frame of the German Youth Institute’s (DJI) social reporting agenda the Department of Social Monitoring and Methodology collects and analyses representative data with regard to the three main fields of childhood, youth and family. Developments and changes in these areas are observed on the basis of empirical survey data. In addition, official statistics as well as available research is used. In order to complement descriptive analyses on the basis of available data the Institute’s own surveys enable the multivariate analysis of important issues. For instance, the goal of our longitudinal studies consists in the analysis of changes in life courses and institutional structures over time.

The Department focuses on three main activities:

1. Realisation of the integrated survey research of the DJI in cooperation with other departments. The integrated survey (“Growing up in Germany” – AID:A) generates and analyses information on the level of individuals, families, and households regarding childhood, youth and family.

2. Development and expansion of the intra- and internet-services into a research data centre. Official statistics, data and results from DJI-surveys as well as secondary analyses and interpretations are collected, archived and distributed for internal and external use.

3. Quality management of empirical social research at the DJI through training and consulting services including the development of basic and advanced training courses in empirical research.

Head of Department

+49 89 62306-239
Deutsches Jugendinstitut
Nockherstr. 2
81541 Munich
Deputy Head of Department
Martina Gille
+49 89 62306-127

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