Survey Database (in German)

Data from the major longitudinal studies of the German Youth Institute: Family Survey, Youth Survey and Children's Panel
Family Survey
The development of families' living arrangements has been explored by the DJI since 1986: variety of family patterns, network structure of families and relatives, as well as the dynamics of partnerships and vocational careers and their impact on family life.
Youth Survey
The living conditions and social and political orientations of adolescents and young adults have been studied since 1992. Studies are based on regular representative polls among young people in Germany aged 16 to 29 (in the third round aged 12 to 29).
Children's Panel
The longitudinal study on "childhood in Germany" has been in operation since 2001. It provides a differentiated description of children's living situations and tries to identify the impact of different living conditions on the development of children's personalities.

Literature database of the Information Centre Child Abuse / Neglect (IzKK) in German


Roughly 18,500 references to publications and articles published since 1994 on the issue of violence against children